Highlight #2: Fletcher Bright Scholarship

I am so grateful to have received this award, both for the scholarship money and the recognition. Being relatively new to this style of music, it's really rewarding to feel recognition from the American Roots Music Program and the people in charge of it. I know with confidence it's not an award I would have even been considered for before I took a year off from school to dive into Roots Music. I know I was previously not in a strong position to take advantage of the Roots Program, but this scholarship has reminded me that I'm in exactly the right place now, and I'm really grateful to be able to learn through this program. Being amongst teachers and peers I really admire, it feels good to be recognized and to feel like others believe in my potential. I was told by the American Roots Music Program Director Matt Glaser that this was the first year the award was given to non-strings-principal students, which also adds to the honor of the award.

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