Highlight #1: Joe Val Bluegrass Festival

It was a great honor to be given two performance slots at this year's Joe Val Bluegrass Festival in February. The first was a performance with the Berklee Bluegrass Ensemble, which turned out to be a fun, energetic performance. I was particularly excited about performing with my own project, "Red Rabbit Duo," in which my musical partner Josie Toney and I performed early-country style duets, characteristic of the 1930s and 1940s. Though we did not manage to have it filmed, the following is content to represent this performance: 1. a screenshot of an advertisement by the Boston Bluegrass Union for our performance (the website can be found here), and 2. a video promotion that Josie and I posted to Facebook before going on stage (which can be found here in case the embedded video doesn't work)

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