Highlight #6: Oregon Bluegrass Association Steve Waller Grant - 3/2019

I was lucky enough to receive a grant from the Oregon Bluegrass Association to help fund my Berklee education. The grant came out of a fund honoring the life of a man named Steve Waller, who passed in 2015 after a life of involvement with the Oregon Bluegrass community. Having found my roots in bluegrass in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, I will always be grateful to the Oregon Bluegrass community. Though I am now more involved in the scene out here in Boston, I have maintained connection with the community in the Northwest. I know every dollar helps, and I am honored to have received this award valued at $750. Displayed is the email I received from vice president of the Oregon Bluegrass Association Pat Connell when he notified me of the award, as well as some information from the OBA about this grant.

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